Who is Ethan Klein?

Ethan Klein is a YouTuber, comedian, and internet personality, known for being one half of the YouTube channel h3h3Productions. He is married to Hila Klein, who is also a co-host on the channel.

Ethan Klein is known for his controversial commentary which is offensive, insensitive, and often slanderous, and his behavior on social media which is divisive and unprofessional.

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Facts and History of Ethan Klein

Ethan Klein loses anti-SLAPP motion


Ethan Klein banned from YouTube


Ethan Klein banned from Twitter

Ethan Klein, the host of the H3 Podcast, was banned permanently for engaging in impersonation of Elon Musk, and disseminating false information about him.

Ethan Klein sued by Triller


Ethan Klein banned again from YouTube


Ethan Klein confesses his friendship with known criminal, Jeffery Epstein

“Even though Jeffery Epstein committed horrible crimes, I do still miss him on nights like this for his warmth and comradery. Rest in peace old friend,” Klein tweeted.